How to make a skunk proof fence or barrier?

Are you looking for ways to make fences or barriers for skunks? Look no more, we have the following details for you.

Best possible ways to make the skunk proof fence:

  • Use metal or plastic window wells.
  • Remove all the stacks of wood, rocks and any debris from the surrounding of your house.
  • Use heavy galvanized hardware fabric, so that the skunks do not enter from the fence or barriers.
  • Make sure all the openings for the skunk's entrance are covered with metal sheets, wires or concrete.
  • Dig the fence two feet down the ground, so that skunks cannot enter by digging holes in the ground.
  • Attach the hardware fabric from the bottom of the structure so that skunks are kept away.
  • Install traps in those places from where there is an increased chance of skunk’s entrance.
  • The depth and length of the trap must be a few inches long, so that skunks are easily trapped in them.
  • If you are using mesh, install it at a right angle and keep it approximately 12 inches long.
  • To prevent the contamination of skunks, close all the deck and driveway areas.

Ways to make the garden look less appealing:
Skunks are a type of omnivore animal which eats both the animals and the humans. They do not get appealed by the plants any more due to less tasty items found in it. If you want to keep the skunks away, it is always better to keep your garden clean, have fewer vegetables in it and the nearby areas. Skunks will never opt for spicy food flavors and using spices in the food can help to keep the skunks away. Moreover, use of cayenne pepper can help to reduce the presence of skunks in the garden.
  • Put some motion sending lights in your garden. This will help to fight against the wildlife.
  • Uses of radio talk stations.
  • Planting or using peeled lemons or oranges can keep the skunks away.
  • Using old rags with Ammonia is another way of keeping the skunks away from your area.
  • Discard all sorts of food items including vegetables, fruits, meat or nuts etc to keep the skunks away.
Make sure all these precautions are taken while both the children and pets are away, as these items are dangerous for their health. If the situation gets out of control, call the professionals and let them deal with the situation.

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